Call an Immigration Attorney in McAllen

Call an Immigration Attorney in McAllen

Hi, thanks for visiting our website. We know that those who are seeking permanent residency or legal citizenship have lots of questions. That\’s why we always make ourselves available, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. So, if you\’ve found our website because you need to call an immigration attorney in McAllen, go ahead and dial us now at (956) 278-0888. We speak Spanish, we\’re open, and best of all our consultations are free. Let an immigration lawyer in McAllen, TX answer your questions now.

Whether you\’re looking to obtain information about the DACA program, file for a visa, or if you\’re seeking family immigration we can help. For over 20 years our attorneys have fought for the freedom and rights of our clients. We know first hand how important gaining legal citizenship is. Our law firm\’s motto is \”The American Dream Has No Borders\” and we believe that everyone deserves the right to be free. Today\’s blog will talk about some of the current hurdles immigration clients may face. We will also discuss potential ways we can help.

Remember, our website provides opinions only. We do not provide legal advice via our website or our news articles. However, if you do wish to obtain legal advice please click here to schedule a free consultation with a McAllen immigration attorney.

Potential Problems With Immigration Approvals

If you\’re currently seeking residency, legal citizenship, or a visa you may want to talk to an attorney. More than ever, immigration is a hot topic. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a big strain on immigration approvals. In addition, Congress is feeling the pressure to restrict travel in and out of the United States. Just last week, right here in McAllen, President Trump had to intervene in an immigration and deportation issue.

The point is this, if you\’re serious about obtaining legal status here in the USA, retaining the legal representation of a McAllen immigration law firm might be your best bet. Our McAllen immigration lawyers have decades of experience. In addition, we have glowing five-star reviews. So, if you\’d like to schedule a free consultation with an immigration lawyer in McAllen call us now at (956) 278-0888. We are affordable, ethical, and always put the needs of our clients first.

Types of Immigration Cases We Represent 

Our immigration attorneys cover multiple practice areas. We understand that no two cases are exactly alike. That\’s why we take an aggressive and calculated approach to assist our clients. Unlike other McAllen immigration lawyers that may rush you through the process, we take the time to explain everything step by step. Our attorneys will sit down with you, and your family, to discuss all of your concerns as we outline the legal steps necessary to obtain legal status.

For us, immigration law is personal. Our entire staff is either first-generation or immigrants ourselves. The American dream is something we believe everyone deserves, and we do all we can to help our clients along their path toward legal citizenship or residency. Remember, every journey begins with a first step. Read below to see which path may be best suited for you and your immigration needs.

Family-Based Immigration 

If you are a current U.S. citizen you may be able to help a loved one obtain citizenship or residency. In addition, if you\’re seeking legal status here in the states, and you have a spouse, child, or family member who is a current U.S. citizen you may also be able to gain access to the USA. Our law firm understands how to help those who are seeking family-based immigration. Let one of our McAllen or Brownsville immigration lawyers assist you today.

Employment-Based Immigration 

Our immigration lawyers are well versed in the legal areas surrounding employment-based immigration. Essentially, there are five types of visas we can help you apply for. Here is a quick break down on each visa. If you have any questions about which visa you may, or may not qualify for, please click here to fill out a consultation form.

EB1 Visas

EB1 visas for the highest-priority workers with significant ability in their fields (these may be business executives, researchers or athletes, for example)

EB2 Visas

EB2 visas for doctors and other professionals with advanced degrees

EB3 Visas

EB3 visas for other skilled and professional workers

EB4 Visas

EB4 visas for certain religious workers and people employed by the U.S. government

EB5 Visas

EB5 visas for business investors

Deportation Defense Attorneys in McAllen, TX 

If you\’re facing deportation, please give us a call right away. For over 20 years our law firm has fought to protect the rights of our clients. We have successfully fought and won immigration deportation cases. However, you MUST move quickly in order for us to have an opportunity to assist you. Call us now to talk with our deportation defense attorneys in McAllen, TX.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a McAllen Immigration Lawyer 

If you, or a loved one, desires to obtain legal status allow us to help. We provide complimentary consults and our attorneys will answer all of your questions. From visas to DACA, and every form of immigration need in between, we can help. Click here to schedule a free consultation with a McAllen immigration lawyer. Remember, we service the entire state of Texas. Our attorneys have offices in McAllen, Brownsville, and Houston.