Immigration System Delays and When to Hire an Attorney

Immigration System Delays and When to Hire an Attorney

As we move into mid-August we continue to see issues with COVID-19, the upcoming election, and an unstable economy. Political warfare and the rise in unemployment are also causing massive ripples for those seeking legal citizenship or permanent residency. CNN released an interesting article on Monday the 10th addressing stalled stimulus talks and screeching halt on the immigration system here in the United States. Essentially, CNN reports that due to work furloughs, two-thirds of the USA\’s immigration department workforce may be absent from their posts. Only furthering the slow down of a system that at times seems to move at iceberg speeds. Today, we\’re going to discuss immigration system delays and when to hire an attorney.

As always, our law firm\’s blog and website provide opinions only, not legal advice. If you wish to obtain legal advice on an immigration matter please click here. In addition, if you dial (956) 278-0888 to call a McAllen immigration lawyer open 24 hours. Yesterday\’s CNN article wasn\’t the only immigration issue in the news. Forbes published a piece related to President Trump and a court case against his Visa ban. As you can see, immigration and immigration reform are hot topics right now. If you, or a loved one, desire to obtain legal citizenship we can help.

Let\’s discuss when you may want to hire an immigration lawyer in McAllen and who you can turn to for help.

When to Hire an Immigration Attorney in McAllen 

Mcallen and the Rio Grande Valley are border towns. People who seek a better life often travel, legally and illegally, to McAllen from Mexico. In fact, many of the residency of McAllen are either immigrants themselves or first-generation born American citizens. Our law firm is also comprised of individuals that either obtain legal citizenship or are the children of those who immigrated to the United States. Needless to say, we know the struggles those who seek legal citizenship face. That\’s why our law firm\’s motto is \”The American Dream Has No Borders\”. It\’s also why we fight so hard for our clients.

Today, we\’re going to discuss some issues that are causing delays within the immigration legal system. We\’re also going to touch on why you may need to seriously consider legal counsel. You need to know when to hire an immigration attorney in McAllen, and also when you may be able to handle things without retaining a law firm. Remember, there are many pathways toward legal citizenship and permanent residency here in the states. The question is, which route is best for you and your situation? Let\’s dive deeper into current immigration delays and when you may want to hire an immigration law firm to represent you.

Complex Immigration 

Some immigration issues are simplistic. Others are not. When you\’re facing a complex immigration issue you may be better off leaning on an attorney. Our McAllen immigration lawyers have decades of experience. We know how to deal with delicate and complicated issues that may cause problems with you obtaining residency. An attorney who is skilled in the areas of immigration law will understand the legal system, rules, and regulations surrounding legal citizenship and residency. So, if you have a complex or outside of the box immigration need please consider retaining an attorney right away.

You Have Been Convicted of a Crime 

One of the toughest types of immigration cases to handle are those where the applicant has been convicted of a crime. If you\’ve been accused or convicted of certain criminal offenses it could spell disaster for your chances at obtaining legal entrance to the United States. However, we may be able to help you. If you have been convicted of a crime but still wish to obtain legal citizenship or permanent residency please call us right away at (956) 278-0888. We provide free consultations and were open 24 hours a day.

DACA Immigration Applications 

The deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program essentially allows those who were brought here illegally as a child to remain within the states. Basically, the United States is attempting to not punish the children of those who illegally came to the US. Unfortunately, this program is difficult to qualify for and do to political reasons, the program has come \”under fire\” recently. However, our McAllen DACA immigration lawyers understand the DACA immigration applications process forwards and backward. Call us if you have any questions.

Deportation Defense Lawyers in McAllen

If you, or a loved one, is facing deportation call us right away. Let our deportation defense lawyers in McAllen fight for your rights to remain here, safely in the United States. Deportation cases are probably the toughest types of immigration issues out there today. It takes skill, knowledge, and a full understating of the immigration system to fight these types of cases. Thankfully, McAllen immigration attorney Raymundo Valdez has over 15 years of experience. Call now to talk with a Spanish speaking McAllen immigration lawyer about a deportation issue.

Best Immigration Attorneys in McAllen 

If you\’re online searching for the best immigration attorneys in McAllen, we urge you to stop. For your own good, as there is no such thing as the best McAllen immigration lawyer. Instead, we believe you should hire an attorney you trust and one that you have confidence in. How do you know which McAllen immigration lawyer is right for you? Simple, schedule a consultation with a law firm. Our McAllen immigration lawyers provide free consultations. That\’s right, if you want to schedule a free consultation with an immigration lawyer in McAllen call (956) 278-0888. We\’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.