Is Mexico becoming the new land of opportunity

Is Mexico becoming the new “land of opportunity”?

On behalf of Law Office of Valdez & Monarrez on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

With so many undocumented Mexican immigrants returning to their cultural homeland, many find new opportunities upon arrival. Being forced to return to a country that many adults have little to no experience living is difficult enough. However, some Mexican based programs are offering “ex-dreamers” the opportunity to bring English skills into tech school environments.

coding school located in Mexico City offers students a livable stipend while enrolled. The program is aimed at helping returning immigrants integrate into Mexico with viable career options. The program also encourages the integration of experience these ex-immigrants have while living for years and even decades in North America.

Fluency & American experience

With so many Mexicans raised in America, this experience and fluency in the language and culture, helps businesses grow in their own endeavors as well as bridge international business tactics. It is an advantage that can help improve the quality of workers and students investing their lives and careers in Mexico.

Adding skills to the Mexican economy

Some immigrants developed businesses in America while living there. Mexico offers fertile ground for people who have grown their skills and can now apply them in Mexico. Immigrants being forced to return to Mexico are finding themselves thriving in new ways that may not have been appreciated before.

As the laws change, so do many lives affected by it. Thankfully, there are many new windows of opportunity that help undocumented immigrants find opportunity in the land of their ancestors. The skills and experience working in American workplaces can leverage their career options in Mexico.